Ensure airspace security with our cutting-edge drone detection solutions, offering real-time identification and response to potential aerial threats.

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Drone Detection & Counter Solutions

Seccomsolutions: Leading the Way in Advanced Drone Detection and Prevention

Protecting Your Airspace with Precision and Expertise

At Seccomsolutions, we understand the rapidly evolving landscape of drone technology and its implications for security and privacy. Our state-of-the-art drone detection and prevention solutions are designed to safeguard critical areas from unauthorised UAV activities, ensuring safety and compliance in prisons, border crossings and against espionage threats.

Innovative Configurations for Every Need

Portable, Vehicle, and Fixed Solutions

Whether you require portable, vehicle-mounted, or fixed long-range drone detection, identification, and jamming systems, Seccomsolutions offers versatile configurations to meet your needs. Our solutions are engineered for adaptability, ensuring seamless integration into various operational environments.

Manpack UAV Jamming

Our Manpack UAV Jamming systems provide a robust and portable solution for on-the-move security operations. These systems are ideal for quick deployment in dynamic scenarios, offering reliable drone neutralisation capabilities.Portable UAV Detection Our Portable UAV Detection systems are designed for flexibility and ease of use. These units can be rapidly deployed to provide immediate protection against UAV threats in various settings.