Updating Your Home’s Wiring Safely & Cost-Effectively

As our suite of electrical devices expands, the infrastructure of our home needs to keep up. Part of expanding and upgrading your electrical infrastructure is updating your home’s wiring and circuitry. Is your home prepared for the growing demand you’re putting on your wires, breakers, and outlets?

If you’re not sure, then you need to call Seccom Solutions to inspect your wiring to make sure your electrical system is meeting your needs safely. Our technicians are all highly skilled and equipped to repair, upgrade, or replace your home’s wiring, including rewiring and whole house rewiring.

Our team can work on all kinds of wiring projects, including those involving:

  • UPS wiring
  • Air Condition wiring
  • Solar Panel wiring
  • CCTV Camera Installation
  • Biometric for home installation

Give us a call to inspect your home’s wiring and give you a list of long-term solutions for a safe home!

Preventing Electrical Circuit Overload

One of the tell-tale signs of bad or old wiring is constant overload, which will result in frequent power outages. An “overload” is when more power is transferred across a wire than the circuit is designed to handle. The overload will trip your circuit breaker, which cuts power to whatever caused the overload.

Overloading can also increase the odds of starting an electrical fire or other serious issues. Making sure your wiring is able to accommodate your electrical needs is vital to having a safe and reliable home. If you’re looking to sell your home one day, having safe wiring is required by law before the sale, which means a good electrician is vital to your home’s safety and long-term value.

Other benefits of electrical wiring service include:

  • Increased outlet capacity to accommodate more devices
  • Decorative or stylish lighting (mood lights, accent lights, recessed lights, etc.)
  • Outdoor lighting or electricity
  • Ceiling fans with separate switches for the fan and the light
  • Luxury home entertainment systems
  • Equipping a garage to function as a workshop
  • Solar power or electric car charging upgrades

If your system is frequently being overloaded, that’s a sign that your power needs are exceeding what your home is equipped for.

Pakistan’s On-Time Electrician

Seccom Solutions holds ourselves to the highest standards of service, professionalism, and excellence. That’s why we give our customers free service if we’re late and why we guarantee all our repairs and upgrades for two years after the service date. These guarantees ensure our customers will get an unparalleled service experience—one marked by punctuality, courtesy, high-quality materials, and long-lasting repairs.

Once we do a full inspection of your wiring system, we’ll make recommendations that suit your budget and your needs. We’ll only recommend a service that’s aligned with your goals, so you can trust your technician’s advice. We stand by our estimates, so there’s no hidden fees or surprise costs. We just offer good service at a fair price—it’s that simple.

We specialize in automatic standby generator installs, service upgrades, and electric vehicle charging stations. We care about helping our customers save energy and lower their electric bills with a variety of electrical upgrades


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