It's Better to be Safe with WordPress Maintenance Plan

The top two reasons why websites get hacked? Weak passwords and insufficient updates.

Security should be your top priority. Hackers prey on poorly managed websites—they attack through weak website hosting, outdated plugins, and non-secure themes. Avoid putting your website, its visitors, and your client data at risk with routine maintenance. Our WordPress specialists at Seccom Solutions preventatively protect your website from any threatening attacks. We regularly update all aspects of your website and scan for any malware, including rogue software, viruses, and spyware.

Be Up and Running 24/7 with Professional WordPress Maintenance Services

Uptime is the amount of time your website is online and available to users. Usually calculated monthly, you ideally want 100% uptime.

Downtime, as you might guess, is when your website is unavailable to users. It usually results in a loss of business. Users will exit websites that are down with no guarantee of returning to complete their booking, subscription or purchase. At Seccom Solutions, we monitor your site’s uptime so that if your website suddenly goes offline or slows down, we will catch and repair it. That way, you won’t lose any customers, clients or sales.

Our Core services



Website Protection

We keep all aspects of your WordPress website updated to maintain a high level of security. We also regularly scan your website to check for malware and any other threats.


Search Engine Optimization

Broken links, slow speeds and typos can negatively impact your SEO. We regularly scan your WordPress website for any roadblocks against your SEO and fix them for you.


Uptime Monitoring

Consumers value consistency. That's why we monitor your WordPress website and protect it against service outages, downtime and slow loading speeds.


Visitor Analytics

Insights are invaluable. We give you monthly analytics with audience and visitor data, then utilize this information to improve your SEO.


Daily Backups

To keep your website content safe from technical mishaps, we backup your website every 24 hours. Access these whenever needed.


Honest Maintenance

We value transparency. At Seccom Solutions, we offer monthly logs of our website maintenance work on your WordPress website so you know exactly what is happening.

Web Design Packages

At Seccom Solutions, we build and design websites that work incredibly for your business in the United Kingdom. Our designs are pixel-perfect, ensuring that your web platform drives massive traffic and you get perfect returns on investment

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Best for individuals


advanced plan

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premium plan

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