Stay protected in style with our ballistic clothing, combining fashion and function for enhanced personal security.

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Unrivalled Protection with Our Ballistics Clothing

Our extensive range of ballistics clothing is designed to offer maximum protection without compromising comfort. Every item is rigorously tested and certified to NIJ standards and threat protection levels, from vests and concealed vests to helmets, hard armour plates, and visors. ChooseSeccomsolutions for clothing that combines functionality with state-of-the-art design.
  • Vests and Concealed Vests: Tailored for protection, our vests provide robust defence while ensuring ease of movement.
  • Helmets: Shield your head with our helmets, crafted for exceptional protection without sacrificing comfort.
  • Hard Armour Plates and Visors: For those needing an extra layer of security, our hard armour plates and visors are the ultimate choice.

Comprehensive Ballistics Equipment

Extend your protection beyond clothing with our range of ballistics equipment. We have everything you need from shields to vehicle armour solutions to stay safe in hostile environments.
  • Shields: Portable and durable, our shields provide an additional layer of protection when you need it most.
  • Vehicle Armour: Specialising in after-market vehicle armour and fully armoured vehicles, we ensure your transportation is as safe as your gear.