Elevate your security with our advanced counter-surveillance solutions, providing discreet and effective measures to protect against unwanted monitoring and espionage.

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Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Expertise at Seccomsolutions

At Seccomsolutions, we specialise in providing state-of-the-art surveillance and counter-surveillance solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring maximum security and confidentiality.

Our Surveillance Technologies

Our surveillance solutions encompass a wide range of technologies, from Digital/Analogue RF “Bugs” to Long Range LASER Listening devices. We understand the critical nature of surveillance and offer only the most advanced and reliable technology.

Digital and Analogue RF “Bugs”

Our RF “Bugs” are designed for discreet operations, providing clear audio surveillance capabilities in various environments.

Long Range LASER Listening Devices

Our LASER listening devices offer unparalleled performance for operations requiring surveillance from a distance.

Covert Surveillance and Direction Finding Vehicles

Our Covert Surveillance / DF Vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to ensure effective monitoring and tracking.

Counter Surveillance Solutions

In the realm of counter-surveillance, TSA International stands out with its comprehensive range of services, including TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) and Eavesdropping Counter Measures (Audio Border).

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Our TSCM services are designed to detect and neutralise any form of electronic surveillance, ensuring your privacy and security.

Eavesdropping Counter Measures

With our advanced Audio Border technology, we provide robust protection against eavesdropping attempts.

IMSI Catcher / Fake Cell Detection

We also specialise in detecting and countering IMSI catchers and fake cell towers, safeguarding your communication channels.